The W.O.R.D.U.P. Life Approach

Let's break it down!

  • Word Up Wisdom

    Tuning into your inner wisdom, intuition, connecting to your true self and the Universe. This phase is the foundation of the Word Up Life Approach.

  • Word Up Optimism

    Shifting into a positive mindset, building confidence, raising your vibration and changing your internal mental script.

  • Word Up Resilience

    Developing the capacity to recover from difficult situations, bouncing back from adversity and learning to grow and expand from these experiences.

  • Word Up Desires

    Creating a clear life vision, identifying your core values, setting goals and taking inspired action. Using visualization and the law of attraction to create your ideal life.

  • Word Up Uniqueness

    Identifying your unique talents and gifts and how to develop them. Building courage and confidence to be yourself, while learning to let go of the opinions and judgements of others.

  • Word Up Purpose

    Discovering your purpose and passions and how to use them to make an impact in the world. Creating a life of greater meaning, happiness and fulfillment.

For most of my life, my happiness was dependent on what was happening in my external world. It often left me feeling unfulfilled and uninspired. As I hit my thirties and started raising a family, I became overwhelmed and lost in the daily grind. I was stuck in a rut and didn't know who I was anymore...but then something happened. This intuitive voice kept telling me to turn inwards, to go back to the basics and reconnect with my true self. This ignited the spark I needed to embark on an adventure of personal growth and self-awareness which led to the creation of the Word Up Life Approach.

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